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Depending on how you want your card to look and what you want it to do, you can choose from the following ecard types:

Card Type Definition Music File Type File Size
Postcard Just like the paper postcards, this ecard has only one picture that is static. Remember, a picture can say a thousand words, you don’t always need flashy animations to make a great ecard. View Example Upload a .mp3 or .wav file for optional background music. GIF, JPG, PNG Card- 500 KB, Music- 2MB,Total- 2.5 MB
Animated Gif These cards have multiple frames made up of different pictures. Each frame can be animated or two pictures can be put together to make it appear as if the picture is moving.View Example Upload a .mp3 or .wav file for optional background music. GIF 5 MB
Video These ecards also have multiple frames and may even have different scenes, with 2D or 3D effects compiled in the form of a video clipping. View Example Embed the music or sound file inside your video file for music or sound effects. MP4 10 MB