Dos and Donts

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  • Check out dimensions and see which size will work best for your ecard.
  • Write in simple, lucid language.
  • Have clarity of idea for both your design and words that will appear on your ecard.
  • If you're putting a copy, on your ecard, use short, crisp sentences.
  • Use familiar words, words everyone will relate to.
  • Always write from your heart.
  • Research on the event that you’re planning to do an ecard on.
  • Link your website or blog to your Studio profile in order to promote your artwork.
  • Highlight your Studio profile on social networking sites, so that you can have your own fan-club.


  • Use material that you don’t have copyrights to alter, or distribute.
  • Cramp in too many ideas together in an ecard.
  • Confuse with contradictory concepts in one ecard.

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