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What is a Card Tag?[edit]

Card Tag is a word/phrase that decribes the uniqueness of a card. It is a keyword term that is used to associate with your ecard. Use relevant tags to have users find your ecard.

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Card Tags

Why do we need a Card Tag?[edit]

  • To describe any uniqueness of a card that could not be incorporated in the card title or the card description
  • To encourage the users to describe the cards in their own way and enhance the user engagement of the site.

Who may tag a Card?[edit]

  • Anyone, who is a user of 123greetings.com from a card page.
  • Creative Developers: Studio Contributors while submitting their cards from the upload interface.

Guidelines for Card Tags for developers[edit]

  • Card Tag is an optional input.
  • All tags should be comma seperated.
  • Minimum tag length should be '2' characters & maximum '24' characters (including space).
  • A maximum of 10 tags might be assigned to each card.
  • Tags should consist of the 'keywords' or 'phrases' that might be associated with the card as an additional input and has not been covered in card title and card description. Example : 'cake' can be a tag in a birthday card which has a cake image.
  • All tags have to be meaningful, in other words, tags act as a 'label' to the card and it has to be relevant. Example : 'love fool' cannot be a valid tag for April Fool's Day : Love card
  • Avoid repeating the Card Title, Meta Title, Meta Keywords as card tags.
  • Avoid repeating the same tag with singular/plural forms or by changing cases (upper/lower)
  • A 'Numeric' tag can be assigned only for denoting an 'Year'.
  • Avoid repeating same card tags for all cards submitted in the same event in the same section. eg if you submit five cards in merry christmas section, avoid repeating same tags for all the cards.
  • Avoid using the following common words as tags : For example: an, animated, any, anyone, as, but, by, card, cards, day, e-card, e-cards, e-greetings, ewish, ecard, ecards, egreetings, everybody, everyone, flash, free, from, greeting, greetings, good, image, images, into, like, nice, nor, off, on, onto, or, per, popular, postcard, postcards, printable, so, some, somebody, someone, the, this, to, top, up, via, with, yet, your, yours ETC.
  • Avoid using 'special characters' & 'non-keyboard' characters in a tag.