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What's in it for me?[edit]

With 123Greetings Studio, you'll be exposing your artwork to our 95 million unique users. If users like your ecards, they'll be sending it out to their friends and family, and they in turn will be sending out to more people. 123Greetings Studio is the platform for you and the launch pad for your artwork to take off in a big way.

Here's how it works:

Once you sign up with the Studio, you'll get your own profile page, that can act like an online resume. You can also post the profile to your blog or on any social network that you're on. Your profile page can act as the headquarters for your artwork, hosting your portfolio and sample artwork for clients and fans.

Each of your ecards will have their own URL. Again, this means that you can get your clients, fans, friends and family to check your ecards and share them across all networks, giving your artwork a wide scope and reach. The Studio is THE place for your clients to learn the popularity of your artwork before they hire you for your services as an artist or a designer.

Your artwork has the potential to be the "Valentine’s Day" ecard of the year, hey you never know.

I’m just a writer with very little visual art experience. How can I use 123Greetings Studio?[edit]

If you’re a writer and not strong on ‘visual art’ or design, you can take a simple photograph and put your words to them. You can ask friends to contribute visual art or photos for you. You don’t have to be a professional photographer; your family photos can say a lot of things too. Make sure your words blend in with the visual that you’re using so that you can make a powerful impact with your message.

You can also collaborate with graphic designers and musicians on the Studio Forums to create an ecard. Together you may come up with something brilliant! To collaborate with other artists on the Studio, log in to the Studio Forums and write a post to the artists in the ‘Collaborate’ section.

I'm a musician who wants to showcase my composition. How can I use 123Greetings Studio?[edit]

You can showcase your music with simple photographs, sketches etc. You can team up with friends who are strong with visuals. You can even put together photos of your friends, your family or photos in the public domain to express your music. You can string a series of pictures and give a rhythm to your music too. Remember, you don’t always need words in the ecards, sometimes giving the space for the users to write their own words works too.

You can also team up with writers and graphic designers at the Studio Forums. Just write a post in the ‘Collaborate’ section of the Studio Forums and getting going with your mellifluous tunes!

What is the age limit for someone to use the studio?[edit]

You have to be at least 18 in order to use the Studio.

Do you do limited licensing? Or pay artists?[edit]

Generally, we don’t license content from any artist or organization. In order to motivate talented artists and organizations to upload their creations on 123Greetings, we have developed various Incentive Plans – Payment Plan, Awards and Contests (time-to-time). Check details here: FAQ Incentive Plan.

In case you would still like to pitch licensing you can email studio@123greetings.com

What if I want to have interactivity, like games in my ecards?[edit]

Interactivity can easily be added into your ecards with the Flash software. You should know how to do things with the software and know about Action Script. Once you’re done with your file, click on “My Cards” tab and click on “Upload a Card” tab to upload the .SWF file. And voila, you now made your game into an ecard!

How can I find artists?[edit]

123Greetings Studio is the best place to spot talented artists that might not be seen elsewhere. The best part about the Studio is that you can check out each individual artist's artwork and know how popular it is. This way, you can hire artists that suit your target market. There will be a way to contact each artist on their profile page, stay tuned!