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How can I use ecard to market my work?[edit]

Here are just some ideas but this is just a start! You can use your ecards to send out announcements of your shows, events, gallery openings etc. You can use your ecards as a virtual calling card with your own design. You can use your ecards to feature your portfolio work.

Highlight your Studio Profile on social networks or simply write about it in your blog. By doing so, you would be able to drive traffic towards your profile and thus market your artwork.

Use a common icon or avatar and username on all your profiles across the different social networks. Like: If your username is ‘Christy’ on Facebook, Twitter or the like, try to use the same username in your Studio Profile. This would help your followers to find you on the Studio and thus your artwork will gain popularity.

Check out this space for more ideas; you can even contribute to it!