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Re: Adding text

PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, 2011 10:44 am
by anusha
Dear Sulabha,

You're Welcome, again :)

I'm sorry, the previous link I shared is now broken, but if you feel like referring to the steps again, they're here: ... epostcard/

And please feel free to ask other questions too, I'll try my best to help out.


Re: Adding text

PostPosted: Wed Apr 13, 2011 4:52 pm
by sweet_nana
hey guyz
im new.....can someone tell me how can make a card
cuz i dont know where do i started
plz help

Re: Adding text

PostPosted: Thu Apr 21, 2011 5:48 pm
by gei123

    Re: Adding text

    PostPosted: Fri Nov 08, 2013 3:23 am
    by PunjabiG
    anusha wrote:Hey Sulabha,

    You're most welcome.

    Here is an article/tutorial for you giving step by step instruction, and there is an example image too.

    Just remember to choose png format and no compression while saving the image, else the text looks a bit blurred.

    Not the best way, but very simple. At least you wont be stuck :) ... Powerpoint


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