Tips for creating cards that can make you popular

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Tips for creating cards that can make you popular

Postby studio-team on Thu Oct 21, 2010 12:28 am

Here are some suggestions for creating cards:

    3. Check out some of the ecards in “Most Popular card” section on to get ideas about the designs and the catchy texts that are most popular among the users.
    7. Try keeping the file size of your cards as minimum as possible to ensure faster page load. Note that the faster your page loads the more the chances of your card getting send by the end users. For an animated card or post card the recommended size is 100KB if there are no music and 160 KB with music. Similarly for flash cards, the recommended size is 190 KB with music and without music the recommended file size should be 120 KB.
    8. Thumb / Icon / Title / Description are all important components related to a card. Relevant title / description should be used along with attractive thumb and icon.
    9. List of all the upcoming events are listed on Alternatively, you can register on and subscribe to the events you wish. You will get email alerts when the events are coming up. If some events are not listed on our site, then you can suggest an event though Studio. Creating event specific cards can make you popular too as we have very high traffic during those times.
For complete documentation of the Studio, please visit the Studio Wiki at Happy uploading!
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