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Updated: "Awaiting Listing" tab in "My cards"

PostPosted: Wed Dec 15, 2010 1:32 am
by studio-team
Hi everyone,

We have now added the following fields in the "Awaiting Listing" tab under "My Cards"->"Manage Cards":

1) Card Id: Each card that you upload will have a card id, and you can refer to this card number for any support related queries to

2) Status: This could be either "Awaiting Listing" (pending with our Quality Control team to approve the ecard), or "Branched" (this status means that the card needs to be updated). Furthermore, if the card is "Branched" we also display the reasons why the card was branched. Previously, we used to email the reasons to the artist. Now, you have the advantage to see the reasons in the dashboard and in the emails.

We would love to have your feedback. If you have additional suggestions, please post on:

Studio Team