February: The Month Of Love And Romance

The month of February is the most awaited time of the year as we celebrate the festival of romance and cherish our moment of love with the special people in our lives.  The fabulous month of February is popularly known as Valentine’s Month i.e. celebrated on the 14th of Feb. Gracing the short month of February, this auspicious festival allows everyone to celebrate their moment of love with their partners in the most unique and exquisite ways.

Valentine Week has its significance, where each day is dedicated to a different element of love displayed in many forms.  The Week starts with a Rose Day (7th February) which marks the gentle way of conveying your feelings to your loved ones by gifting a beautiful bunch of Roses.

Propose Day (8th February) is dedicated to confessing your feelings to the significant other and become vocal about your feelings.

Love is all about the display of affection in many forms. Similarly, Chocolate Day (9th February) is dedicated to making your loved ones happy with sweet gestures wrapped in a beautiful box of Chocolates.

A life-size teddy can be a great gift to fill their rooms with more of your love and warmth and make your loved ones feel special on Teddy Day (10th February).

Promises built trust in a relationship. The Promise Day (11th February) is dedicated to strengthening the bond of your relationship with countless promises towards each other.

Hugging is the best way to say that you care. On this Hug Day (12th February) pass on a warming hug to your loved ones.

On Kiss Day (13th February) let your lips speak your heart.

Finally comes Valentine’s Day (14th February) the most coveted day of the month.  This is the day to make your loved ones feel special as you celebrate the most romantic festival with your loved ones in the most exquisite ways.

As we celebrate this weeklong emotion of expression in different forms, what better way can you express these different colors of love other than with beautifully crafted e-cards? Yes, you heard it right! It’s time to make this romantic festival even more special in crafting beautiful and heartfelt e-cards for our users to help them lift the spirit of the person they love and care for.

The journey of celebration doesn’t end here. As we move ahead from the primary festival of the month we have another memorable event i.e. The International Friendship Week as we celebrate the beautiful bond of friendship with our dear ones.

With such great events coming up, I’m sure you are unable to hold on to the excitement.

We look forward to seeing some great cards from your end.

All the best!


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