Usher In Spring This March

February seems to have simply zoomed past! As we bid adieu to the romantic month of February, it’s time to indulge in the March madness with some fascinating events and festivities to focus this month.

March makes perfect weather for celebrations as the winter retreats and the spring usher in bringing light and color to the world. However, there are more reasons to celebrate this month of March. Let’s have a look at the major events for the month that will keep you occupied.

International Women’s Day: This global day is celebrated on 8th March to acknowledge the contribution of women in every sphere of life. Time and again women are seen breaking boundaries and have inspired many in achieving their dreams with flawless grace. It is the day to salute the contribution of every woman in our life irrespective of how big or small it is.

St. Patrick’s Day (17th of March): This day marks the celebration of the Irish culture remembering St. Patrick (one of the notable patron Saints of Ireland). The Feast Day of Saint Patrick is celebrated with parades, wearing shamrocks, drinking Irish beer and Whisky; and wearing green.

Pi Day(14th of March): Just like the infinite value of Pie, we celebrate the infinite essence of love and care for our loved ones. It’s a perfect day to express your feeling to your dear ones with our ecards in this category.

Spring: March marks the return of the beautiful spring season with its cozy sunshine and blooming flowers creating a perfect balance between two seasons harsh winter and searing summer. After a long winter, spring rewards us with dazzling snowdrops and beautiful flowers popping up everywhere. The arrival of spring creates a perfect mood for some great outdoor adventure and enjoying the comfy evening spending time with your loved ones. Celebrate this gorgeous season spreading joy and make use of this time in creating beautiful ecards for our users.

Just like the vibrant spring, we look forward to some beautiful and vibrant creations to entice our users this month. So, kick start this season with a vengeance and make use of this opportunity to maximize your earnings. For more updates keep following our Studio blog.


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