Celebrating Friendship Week With The Many Feels of Friendship

We could all feel that romance in the air as we have stepped into this Romantic month of the year. It is that time of the month when people start feeling differently with the numerous events and occasions that fill your heart with joy and gives you a reason to enjoy those special moments with your loved ones.

As we celebrate this month of love and cherish those special moments with our significant other remembering all the good things, it is also the time to celebrate another purest form of relationship which we called Friendship.

Friendship is not an emotion but a unique form of a relationship connected to many different emotions. The kind of relationship you hold with your friend is connected with a type of emotion you have for your friend, it can be happiness, love, respect or admiration.

Happiness -Finding happiness in little things, a good laugh and a feeling that your presence is an addition to their comfort give you enough reason to be happy in that company.

Feeling of belongingness– That sense of longing you feel thinking that you could have more fun doing certain things if your best friend was there by your side.

Love– That special bond and unconditional love you feel for your best friend thinking about the several unforgettable memories you have created together.

Feeling of Sadness– The feeling of losing in touch with a close friend or a moment when you haven’t heard from a friend in a long time can make you feel sad as you recall those happy memories of the past.

Admiration– There are no other people other than friends who can understand you better. It is the friends who admire you for your noble deeds or criticizes you if you are at fault. They help you to be yourself and make you feel desirable in every means irrespective of your qualities and flaws.

It is these emotions and feelings that make this relationship the purest form of relationship in the world. They are the emotional punch bags, confidante, the rock that keeps you grounded and selfless love without expecting anything in return. So, make sure that you invest time in understanding the different emotions of friendship in creating meaningful cards for our users this International Friendship Week.

Hope you keep all these elements in mind to trigger great sends this festive month. Keep following our Studio blog on the latest update on facts, guidelines and contests in the upcoming months. So stay tuned for more.

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