What Are The Best Practices That a Studioator Must Follow?

Studio was created with a vision to make it a united, harmonious community of creative people who share a common goal of spreading joy in the world. In the interest of safeguarding these values, below is a list of guidelines that all Studioators are expected to follow:

Etiquette towards others

It is expected that all the members of the studio community must respect each other’s artwork and emphasize on publishing original content and creations that are considered legitimate and legal.

Respect for the system

Being a global platform, 123greetings has complete visibility of all the users on the website. We insist that our artists refrain from making any offensive or derogatory remarks based on gender, religion, culture, ethnicity that is considered disrespectful to an individual, group or genre of artwork. Use of defamatory content, but not just limited to words and graphic depictions is strictly prohibited. It also includes spamming our system with proxy servers or any form of unwanted advertising. Even uploading multiple cards in one go (to a single sub-category of an event) – especially a major event will be viewed as another form of spamming and cards will not be accepted.

As a member of the 123greetings studio community, the studioators are expected to be respectful towards all the rules of etiquette regardless of the membership status of the user.


Our Studio Community is created to encourage artists of all levels from amateur to professional to showcase their creative talent and to that, we didn’t attach any minimum standards of content submitted by our members; provided the artworks meet our mentioned etiquette and copyright policies. While we do not impose any quality restrictions on the nature of cards uploaded by our members but purchasing ready to greetings and uploading them with minor changes will not be acceptable. Uploading any nature of cards without any significant modifications goes against the basic principles of our platform which solely encourages originality. Any card uploaded by the studioators that fails to match the criteria will be asked to remove the card from our studio platform regardless of the age of the card.

Copyright Infringement

As artists of the Studio Community, one needs to be well aware of the importance of images. Using images can make a wordy post appear less daunting and at the same time using the right image can make it more likable to the viewers. As an art community, we give high emphasis on originality and expect our artists to adhere to the Copyright Rules. As an artist, one needs to be well aware of the Copyright Acts and ensure that they have the necessary authorization to use his/her image. To avoid the hassle, designers can create their own images using graphic design tools or make use of graphic design software. Downloading free stock photos can be another alternative to prevent copyright infringement and even purchasing stock images from sources such as Getty Images, Fotolia, istock are convenient options to avoid slamming with an unwelcomed cease.

Legal Aspect

As per the company policy, artists should not use the service for any unlawful purposes. He/she must not upload any post or transmit any material that infringes any copyright, trademark, patent, or other intellectual property or proprietary rights or artist’s right of any third party including but not limited to 123Greetings Studio or to facilitate unlawful distribution of copyrighted content. It also affirms that under any circumstance if any right, title, interest, entitlements are claimed by any other person(s) or any losses, expenses and liabilities arise, then all the expenses, losses, liabilities will be borne by the artist and the company will not be responsible and liable for such rights, claims and liabilities of any manner.

Duplication of Old Cards

As a liberal art community, 123Greetings Studio was initially lenient in allowing our developers to delete and re-upload old cards with minor modifications. Presently, with the growing need, our studio platform is looking to upgrade our website with more innovative content to create a better customer experience for our users and hence cards with minor alteration will not be accepted anymore. To make your cards stand out in the crowd, you need to step outside your comfort zone and emphasize on making quality cards.

We hope that the above-mentioned guidelines are helpful to all our studiotors in bringing out the best quality content for our users and in binding the studio community of creative people together that shares a common goal of spreading happiness and joy to the world.

Keep up the good work.


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