August Bonanza

Hey Studioators!

Thank you for your continued contributions this month. July is almost over and it has been a great month involving some important and interesting events.

It’s now time to focus on upcoming events in August and submit cards well in advance so they have sufficient time to mature on the website. Also please upload cards in various sub-categories so to avoid crowding of one sub-category and also to avoid card performance.

Below is a list of upcoming events:-

  • Summer – Jun 21- Sep 22
  • Girlfriends Day – Aug 01
  • Friendship Day – Aug 04
  • Sister’s Day – Aug 04
  • Romance Day – Aug 11
  • Rakshabandhan – Aug 15
  • Senior Citizen Day – Aug 21
  • August Flowers
  • Hug Month

You can also paint the board colorful with some general categories to upload cards under are:-


Everyday Cards




We would love to see some more of your creations so please keep uploading!

Happy Designing with Studio!


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