Marvelous May

Hello Studioators,

As April comes to an end, we at Studio are super excited about May – another month closer to Summer! Below are some of the more popular events in May that you should upload a card for.

May Day (1st May) – Wrapping a Maypole with colorful ribbons and dancing around it is perhaps the best known of all May Day traditions. A celebration of Spring with sweets and flower baskets is the perfect excuse for bright, floral and happy ecards!

Happy May Day Ecard
Happy May Day Ecard by Themesloud

Cinco De Mayo (5th May) – Widely seen as a celebration of Mexican cultural heritage, Cinco De Mayo is a joyous holiday celebrated with food, fun, parades, and plenty of cerveza or tequila. Cinco de Mayo is one of those special times when everyone feels a little bit Mexican in their soul. Capture this emotion and your cards are sure to be a hit with one and all!

Happy Cinco De Mayo Ecard by BlueWavePro

Mother’s Day (12th May)­ – Mother’s Day is almost here and is the biggest event in May. Though one day is not enough to celebrate our fantastic mothers, let’s take this opportunity to create greetings that thank her, make her feel special, loved and cared for unconditionally. Explore the different sections to make sure your cards get enough visibility rather than uploading cards only to the Happy Mother’s Day section where it runs the risk of getting lost in the crowd.

Happy Mother’s Day Ecard by Ebbymoo

Memorial Day (27th May) – Memorial Day is the time to remember and honor those who risked their lives to protect us and the country. Respecting the solemnity of the event, create heartfelt cards that resonate with our users and awaken the spirit of national pride.

Memorial Day Ecard by Sandra Rose

Flower of the MonthMay is a month flower since it bridges the gap between spring and summer in most areas of the Northern Hemisphere with the main one being the lily of the valley and the hawthorn plant. The fragrant lily of the valley signifies sweetness, humility, and a return to happiness and use these in your ecards to show loved ones that life is complete with them. The hawthorn plant represents hope and happiness. Use this to express best wishes for the recipient.

May Flowers Ecards by Umeko123

We’ve also put together a check-list to help you make sure your cards are passed on the first go! Read on for more on the latest Studio Blog –

Look forward to some absolutely different cards this #MarvelousMay!

Happy weekend!!

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