Welcome Annie Moran!

Annie Moran or better to be called as Ebbymoo is a young and enthusiastic studio artist from South Australia. Annie has achieved global reach in a relatively short period of time has proved to us that only talent and hard work matters. She is a person who loves to play with verses and she can’t stop sharing about how much these words and emotions mean to her. She takes her work very seriously but never misses out time, to spend with her adorable dog pooch.

Speaking more about her, she is new to Australia and is still channelizing the beauty and the people here. Through her verses and cards, she wants to reach out to as many people possible, to create a wonderful memory about their loved ones.

We are delighted to have Ebbymoo as a part of our artist community and would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to her.

She has set the benchmark for young studio artists, the world over.

Profile link: www.123greetings.com/profile/ebbymoo/

Member Since: Nov 26, 2018


• Ecards: 155

• Total ecards sent: 8496K

• Average rating per ecard: 1.33

• Average views per ecard: 379

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