To A New Beginning!

Here we are with the last blog of the year!

This last year seemed to have flown by with all you amazing studio artists creating such fabulous cards for each and every event, giving our users many more expressions to celebrate with!

Mentioned below is a list of all events which you can choose to design for. Try and put up cards under varied subcategories and as many as possible. Each event is unique and tests your capability as an artist. Think quick, think fun, go out of the box and let’s bring the New Year in with style!

1st Of January: New Year

A New Year brings new hope, new excitement, new nervousness, new feelings, new confidence, new things to look forward to, new goals and the list can go on. The New Year helps us retrospect over the last year, cherish all those good memories, gives us hope for the future and helps us let go of unwanted things. This year create some touching yet exciting, warm yet fun, celebratory yet lovable, inspirational yet joyous and humorous cards for our users. Push yourselves to create some awe-worthy cards for your users this New Year and welcome 2017 with a bang!

6th Of January: Cuddle Up Day

Cuddle up Day calls for giving your loved ones tight squeezes and wrapping them up in your arms. Whether it’s a family member longing for our warm touch or our better halves waiting to snuggle up with us after a long day, create some cards filled with lots of love wrapped in warm cuddles which users could send to their near and dear ones. Help users make their special people feel loved this day.

7th Of January: Orthodox Christmas

Orthodox Christmas is the day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and the spirit of the holy festival with the traditional customs and the ‘Feast of Nativity’. Users would like to bless their loved ones with peace, hope, and faith this day, messages should be centered around these emotions. Use festive colors and elements of Christmas but don’t forget to have an element of Lord Jesus in your card. Christmas carols and hymns are the kind of music you should use in these cards.

19th Of January: Whisper I Love You Day

A lot of people are shy to express their heartfelt feelings explicitly. Whisper ‘I Love You’ Day is the perfect day for those people to whisper these three magical words and propose their love for their sweetheart. It also gives couples a chance to get romantic and whisper sweet nothings to their partners and rekindle the romance in their relationship. Design such warm, cute and romantic cards for the users, make sure your me to your messages are special and one of a kind.

21st Of January: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

This day is dedicated to civil rights activist, Martin Luther King, Jr. Help users celebrate and honor the life and legacy of this great leader through your ecards. He inspired people through his words and made a difference in the lives of many.

Create cards using elements that speak about pride, justice, and righteousness. You can use themes such as ‘Honoring the Great Hero’, ‘Born to make a difference’, ‘a note of thank you’ and the likes. Use colors of the flag, symbols of freedom and text that bring out the respect and appreciation we feel for this great man. Use animation and music to accentuate the emotions of pride and respect for him. Inspirational and admiration messages work best for the event, which users can send to the person who has motivated and inspired them to achieve their dreams!

21st Of January: Send a Hug Day

With sub-categories such as ‘Love Hugs’, ‘Warm Hugs’, ‘Cute Hugs’, ‘Friendly Hugs’ and ‘Thank You’, there is plenty of room to experiment. We would love to see how you create different and innovative cards which fit each sub-category. Be it your sweetheart, a family member or a friend, everyone loves a warm, big and cozy hug which makes them feel loved! Create some adorable cards which make the receiver of the card feel the tight squeeze from the sender of the card. Don’t forget to design some Thank you cards for users to send to the ones who have made their lives special with their love, warmth and timely hugs.

24th Of January: Compliment Day

Compliments are not only big confidence boosters but also makes one feel really good about themselves. You have a chance to personalize your cards for your users and make them unique. For example, create cards which one can send to his/her friend for being a wonderful and supportive friend, a husband can send to his wife and compliment her beauty or a child can send to their mother for the delicious meals she whips up. Help users unlock their hearts and send sweet and special compliments to their dear ones with your ecards.

With more than 10 sub-categories under the event, you have plenty of room to experiment and play with your elements to create some fantastic and bright cards for your users and make their Chinese New Year a memorable one.

We hope this was an enjoyable read and the above events have excited you enough to create some great cards for our users. Don’t forget that Season’s Greetings, Happy Holidays and Holiday Thank You last till the end of January, so you have a chance to upload some cards for the same if you haven’t yet!

As from all of us at Studio, we thank all our artists for their continued dedication, hard work, and passion. We have been surprised time and again by the impressive work coming in and we are sure that you all are going to get bigger and better in the New Year. We promise to keep motivating you with our blogs in 2019 as well!

Stay blessed, Keep Warm and Wish you all a Happy New Year!


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