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Stand out from the crowd student competition


The season of love. The season of joy. This is the season of giving that waves a magic wand over our world. 123Greetings celebrates the festive mood differently by launching its first ever student competition.

About Us
Established in 1997, 123Greetings is one of the most popular ecard companies across the globe, helping people express themselves in a creatively and effectively, completely free of cost. Over the years we have come to enjoy an overwhelming global footprint and have an audience of over 80 million people using our website and mobile app. Daily, we see over 35,000 ecards sent from our website and on event days, this is just a fraction of the total card sends.

In 2008, we launched Studio. This is a concept tool, that integrates creativity and expression on a platform allowing “Studioators” to express their art by creating electronic greetings cards and posting them on the 123Greetings website. Their cards are prominently displayed alongside our own e-cards. The creator retains all rights of their work and this is the highlight of Studio.

Contest Criteria
Minimum number of cards to be uploaded:- 6
Minimum number of card sends to qualify:- 2000 (global sends across entire card portfolio)
Categories to be covered:

Multiple cards may be uploaded for the above categories and contestants may upload cards to other categories should they wish.

Date of upload & card sends:- 1st December 2017 to 31st December 2017

Contestants MUST be over the age of 18 and be able to provide a valid Student ID (or similar) should they win. 

This contest is a combination of design and marketing. Contestant are allowed, and encouraged, to market their cards/portfolio on whichever channels they see fit. The more visibility a card gets, the faster it begins to perform. 123Greetings may also promote the cards on our social media platforms based on our own social media marketing strategy.

Winners will be selected based on total number of card email sends for their portfolio. A total of 5 winners will be awarded $200 and stand a chance to be offered a two-year contract with 123Greetings.

Further Information
Click here for Step-by-Step Instructions to uploading your first card. Further information can also be found here. Please contact Emma Swan (, our content head should you have any questions.

Ready, set go? Sign up on Studio and get started!

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