Everyday And Halloween Contest Results

We are here with another set of results for the Everyday and Halloween Contest. We hope you all enjoyed uploading cards for the contest as much as we enjoyed viewing them.

Without any further ado, here are the artists who emerged winners.

Everyday Contest

  • Thinking of You: SandraRose won $25
  • Get Well Soon: SandraRose won $25
  • Good Morning: vsilverline23k won $25
  • Have a Great Day: vsilverline23k won $20
  • Miss You: onbothsides won $20
  • Sorry: mannysoriano won $20
  • Good Night: mannysoriano won $20
  • Good Luck: Bunnieclaire won $15
  • Hi: Dragonfire won $15
  • Bon Voyage: onbothsides won $15
  • Cheer Up: SandraRose won $15
  • Enjoy the Weekend: mannysoriano won $15
  • Blessing You: poppies won $15
  • Send a Joke: BottleCapGuru won $15
  • Take Care: SandraRose won $15
  • You are Welcome: Bunnieclaire won $12
  • Monday Blues: Bunnieclaire won $12
  • Midweek Crisis: BottleCapGuru won $12

Sandra achieved the highest sends in the everyday category and emerged winner in many of the sub-categories. Here is an adorable get well soon ecard by her.

Get Well Soon ecard by SandraRose

Halloween Contest

  • Happy Halloween: onbothsides won $30
  • Haunted House: onbothsides won $30
  • Spine Chilling Fun: poppies won $25
  • Specials: Jothi won $25
  • Bewitched Lovers: Bunnieclaire won $20
  • Trick or Treat: mannysoriano won $20
  • Jack-o’-lantern: greydejesus won $20
  • Witches: onbothsides won $20
  • Horror: greydejesus won $15
  • Miss You: SandraRose won $15
  • Spellbound Friends: bebestarr won $15
  • Family: Jothi won $15
  • Ghastly Invitations: SandraRose won $15
  • At Work Fun: SandraRose won $15

Artist onbothsides managed to stir up a ton of spookiness and achieve some ‘fang-tastic’ response for his cards leading him to win in multiple sub-categories. Here is the card which scored the highest sends.

Happy Halloween ecard by onbothsides

Our Studioator, Chidhambara created a fabulous Halloween card in line with new design trends. To appreciate his efforts, we are rewarding him $10.

Check out his split depth 3D card below:

3D ecard by Chidhambara

Many congratulations to all the winners on their success. For those who did not win, please don’t lose hope as we have lots more in store. Currently we have a double contest going on, do check it out if you haven’t already and in the coming weeks we promise that more contests are going to be launched.

Keep designing with Studio!