Love Always Wins!

October opens doors to multiple events and opportunities and we are sure you would not want to miss a chance at earning some good money in the festive season. Do check out our calendar for this month and look at designing cards for all the major events this month.

Another contest goes by and we are here with another set of results. Here are the artists who managed to weave the magic of love on the users.

A. For cards that have the highest Global sends in the following sub categories:

  • I Love You: Bunnieclaire won $20
  • Madly in Love: poppies won $20
  • You are Special: GrayDreams won $20
  • Missing Him: Bunnieclaire won $15
  • Forever: poppies won $15
  • Poems: BottleCapGuru won $15
  • Cute Love Cards: mannysoriano won $15
  • For Couples: poppies won $15
  • Missing Her: universelover won $15
  • Thinking of You: Cubicle won $15
  • Hugs: themesloud won $15
  • For Your Sweetheart: GrayDreams won $15
  • Kiss: Chidhambara won $15
  • I Am Sorry: Ezhil won $15
  • Dating & Flirting: BottleCapGuru won $12
  • Gifts & Chocolates: siby1992 won $12
  • New Love: siby1992 won $12
  • Love Etc: GrayDreams won $12
  • Roses: Ezhil won $12

Congratulations to each one of you on your win!

We still have two contests running for Everyday and Halloween cards. Do check them out and upload your entries soon.

We hope the festive season brings all of you tons of success in all your endeavors.

Good Luck from Studio!