Design trends are constantly evolving and innovation is the key to bring that newness to our card designs. Let’s look at some exciting design trends which are here to stay. We hope these help you design some breathtaking cards to enhance your portfolio as an artist and at the same time impress our users and achieve some sky rocketing sends!

1. Split Depth Effect (3D)

While split depth gifs are not new, they have recently become viral and can be seen on many websites. The video below tricks the brain into seeing depth. The two white bars superimposed over the animation act as a reference frame, which give the illusion of depth perception. Your brain expects that the image would remain confined within the white bars. However, when an object in the GIF breaks through these white bars (reference frame), it creates a popping-out illusion, which your brain perceives as 3D. In a sense, it is forced perspective. Another way to understand this is that the white bars obstruct the object in these animations. Therefore, to your brain, the white bars are in front of the object. Now, when the object moves and is no longer blocked by the white bars, your brain perceives that it has moved in front of the bars and towards you. This generates a 3D illusion. The effect is even more pronounced when the background is out of focus.

Apart from split depth gifs, static cards with 3D effect are also gaining immense popularity.

2. Geometric Shapes, Patterns, Lines and Circles

Use modern shapes, either flat or with effects like glow, shadow or emboss to make your cards look unique. Abstract designs have not been explored on cards until now and would definitely give you an edge over other studioators.

3. Bright, Bold and Vibrant colors

2017 is about going all out. Don’t play it safe this year, the brighter the colors on your canvas the better for your cards. Vibrant popping colors, using two colors to show contrasting designs, color transitions, using colors found in nature and intensifying them are just some of the ways to apply this trend to your cards.

4. Cinemagraphs

We feel cinemagraphs are and will continue to be one of the hottest design trends in the coming years. As an artist you need that one style that absolutely spellbinds your viewers and we believe cinemagraphs to be the answer.

Cinemagraphs are still images with one tiny element moving in them. It is the perfect way to grab your target audience’s attention in a short and exciting way. This technique makes simple photos look more realistic and bring them to life. Watch the video below to know what we are talking about!

5. Custom Graphics and Illustrations instead of Stock Photos

Yes, we are sorry to burst your bubble but using stock photos have become too predictable and boring. Even though stock images are popular, they tend to be used by other artists as well which makes your card a part of the rat race, fighting for sends. In case you are not equipped with design skills to create your own graphics and illustrations we suggest you to make your own bank of authentic photos. Look up some photography hacks, take out your camera and click on!

Custom graphics and illustrations not only make your cards stand out from the crowd but also give your cards an identity of its own. Users tend to recognize your cards by your signature style. Hence we urge you to push the creative boundaries and try your hand at personalizing your cards.

That’s all folks!

We hope these trends have given you some food for thought and inspired you to up your designing game. Research these, look up sample images, gifs and YouTube tutorials on how to perfect these techniques and show us how you apply these to your cards.

Happy designing!

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