It’s not everyday that studio gives you an opportunity to create cards for the Everyday section and earn some extra cash for it!

So let’s say yes to new adventures and make staying-in-touch more personal, sweet and filled with warmth for our users with some quality content.

Read on to find out the criteria for this contest!

Winning Criteria:

A. For cards that have the highest Global sends in the following sub categories (Each artist is eligible to win in maximum of 4 sub categories, post which the reward will be passed on to the next in line):

  • Thinking of You: $25
  • Get Well Soon: $25
  • Good Morning: $25
  • Have a Great Day: $20
  • Miss You: $20
  • Sorry: $20
  • Good Night: $20
  • Good Luck: $15
  • Hi: $15
  • Bon Voyage: $15
  • Cheer Up: $15
  • Enjoy the Weekend: $15
  • Blessing You: $15
  • Send a Joke: $15
  • Name Day: $15
  • Take Care: $15
  • You are Welcome: $12
  • Monday Blues: $12
  • Tuesday Toons: $12
  • Midweek Crisis: $12
  • Sports: $12

Contest Dates:

Dates for Uploads: September 16, 2017 – October 16, 2017

Dates for calculation of card sends: September 16, 2017 – October 31, 2017


  • Minimum of 4 cards to be submitted (excluding Thank You sub-category cards).
  • All 4 cards to be submitted in different sub categories of Everyday for the contest.
  • The winners will be declared to the community via blog/ emails/ social media.
  • All cards must be new, suppressing old cards and re-uploading them will not be considered.
  • Winners will win vouchers from Amazon or Ebay (depending on their location) or the option to be added to monthly payments (for Payment Plan Studioators only).

The regular contests that we have been running lately are aimed at not only adding newer and modern content to our website but also to help all our studioators earn some extra money. It’s a win win!

We hope that the knowledge transferred through our webinars on social media marketing and search engine optimization would be put to good use by you all and we see each one of you earning high sends on your cards.

Good luck on the contest!