The birthday contest results are here and we are excited to announce the winners! We were truly overwhelmed with the passion and spirit all Studioators have shown to create some fantastic birthday cards for us.

We would like to see the same excitement to create some fresh new cards for September events like Rosh Hashanah, First Day of Autumn and Yom Kippur. This month marks the beginning of the festive season and the next few months have tons of events giving you the chance to up your sends and double your earnings. So don’t forget to check our calendar at the beginning of every month and create for the popular events.

Now without any further ado, here are the studioators who fulfilled all the contest criteria and emerged winners. Since there are so many winners we have showcased only those artists’ cards which have crossed 1000 sends and won in the respective sub-category.

  1. Winner: bebestarr

Categories won in: Fun

Winning amount: $20

  1. Winner: Bunnieclaire

Categories won in: For Kids and Just for Her

Winning amount: $25

  1. Winner: simpydesigns

Categories won in: Son & Daughter

Winning amount: $15

  1. Winner: poppies

Categories won in: Just For Him, Blessings and Miss You

Winning amount: $30

Birthday ecard by simpydesigns

  1. Winner: RedHeadsRule

Categories won in: Wishes & For Your Friends

Winning amount: $35

  1. Winner: Dragonfire

Categories won in: Mom & Dad, Extended Family and Milestones

Winning amount: $35

  1. Winner: mannysoriano

Categories won in: Pets

Winning amount: $10

  1. Winner:BirthdaySongs

Categories won in: Songs, Flowers and Cakes & Balloons

Winning amount: $30

Birthday ecard by RedHeadsRule

  1. Winner: vsilverline23k

Categories won in: Belated Wishes

Winning amount: $10

  1. Winner: tiffanyraine

Categories won in: Husband & Wife and Brother & Sister

Winning amount: $30

  1. Winner: themesloud

Categories won in: Specials and Smile

Winning amount: $20

  1. Winner: SandraRose

Categories won in: Boss & Colleagues, Grandparents and Gifts

Winning amount: $30

Birthday ecard by tiffanyraine

Huge congratulations to all of you for doing so well. And for the ones who did not win here you still have the love contest, which has been extended for one week to look forward to and multiple opportunities coming your way soon as the fun has just begun!