Here Comes November!

After an exhaustive and hectic October, comes a calm and soothing November, a month to be thankful and sharing and spreading happiness.

With just two main events this month, i.e. Veterans Day and Thanksgiving, you have plenty of time to get your creative ideas together and create some inspiring cards for both the events.

Read onto get some insights on both the above events.

Veterans Day (November 11, 2016)

Unconditional love, patriotism and sacrifice in their truest form are what are manifested by the brave soldiers of each nation! It’s time we stop and think just how much these brave souls do so that we can live our lives in peace and safety. Spread the respect and love for these selfless beings on this year’s Veterans Day to honor their undying efforts to serve the society.

Create cards using elements that speak about love for the nation and honor their fearless spirit. You can use themes such as ‘saluting the brave’, ‘remembering the veterans’, ‘proud of you’, ‘thank you’ and the likes. Use colors of the flag, symbols of freedom and courage and text that bring out the respect and appreciation we feel for them. Use animation and music to accentuate the emotions of pride and love for our country and for our very special saviors.

Design them to send not only to the soldiers and their families but also suitable for sharing via users with their loved ones to celebrate this special day and to spread the joy and honour. Inspire one and all with some elegant cards.

Thanksgiving (November 24, 2016)

It’s a day to give thanks for the blessings of the previous year as well as the harvest. In the U.S.A, Thanksgiving it is held on the fourth Thursday of November. Here are some pointers for this festival:

  • Greetings vary from Happy Thanksgiving wishes celebrating love, affection, rich harvest, happiness and joy to some turkey fun depicting humor.
  • Presence of family and friends is what makes Thanksgiving even more special. Create cards with a personal touch, which revive old memories and where one looks forward to creating new ones. Help users wish their near and dear ones joy in abundance this Thanksgiving.
  • Don’t forget to create some romantic ecards which users can send to their better halves and cherish the spirit of love and togetherness. Thanksgiving hugs and kisses could be an element in your card.
  • Turkey, which is our very own Thanksgiving mascot, could be a prime element to up the fun quotient in your cards.
  • Thanksgiving is the time to indulge in mouth watering turkey roasts and pumpkin pies, so make sure you create few delectable ecards which users can send to family and friends and enjoy the delicious dinner delicacies this festive season.
  • The essence of Thanksgiving is to be thankful for all the blessings. Don’t miss creating Thank You cards expressing heartfelt gratitude. Users would love to send some warm cards to all those who matter to them and those who have touched their lives and made it wonderful.
  • Finally, create some miss you cards for users to reach out to that special person who is miles away with a warm Thanksgiving e-wish.

We hope to see the excitement, passion and urge to create awe-worthy cards continue for the coming month. Creating for these events will not only diversify your portfolio but also help you increase your sends and subsequently earnings.

Let’s welcome November with some great ecards!

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