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The next few months are going to be packed with multiple events spread across five months. So in order to help you prepare for the festivities, we will be coming up with a blog at the end of each month dedicated to the events of the next month.

Here’s a list of the most popular events and festivals you need to keep in mind for the coming months:


September, 5: Labor Day

September, 11: Patriot Day

September, 22: First Day of Autumn

September, 22 to December, 20: Autumn


October, 2: Rosh Hashanah

October, 10:Canadian Thanksgiving

October, 11: Yom Kippur

October, 15: Sweetest Day

October, 17: Boss’s Day

October, 30: Diwali

October, 31: Halloween


November, 11: Veterans Day

November, 24: Thanksgiving


December, 2016 – January, 2017: Season’s Greetings, Happy Holidays and Holiday Thank You

December, 4: Cookie Day

December, 6: St. Nicholas Day

December, 9: Christmas Card Day

December, 19: A Christmas Carol Day

December, 21: Yule

December, 22: Christmas Tree Light Day

December, 24 to January, 1: Hanukkah

December, 25: Christmas


January, 1: New Year

January, 6: Cuddle Up Day

January, 7: Orthodox Christmas

January, 14: Orthodox New Year

January, 16: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

January, 19: Whisper ‘I Love You’ Day

January, 21: Send a Hug Day

January, 24: Compliment Day

January, 28: Chinese New Year

That’s quite an exhaustive list, isn’t it? So how about we focus on September just for now? A little brief on the main events in September are outlined below:

Labor Day

This is a day to appreciate the hard work we Americans put in throughout the year. It also marks the end of summer as we know it. Labor Day weekend stretches on for 3 long and lazy days dedicated to enjoy that last outdoor barbeque, a last dive in the pool, a weekend by the beach, the parade or a picnic. Help users wish their loved ones a relaxing time with some chilled out Labor Day cards. It’s a day of celebration, use elements such as fireworks, parades, barbeques in your cards to create a better connect.

Patriot Day

A day of remembrance for the thousands of innocent lives lost in the 9/11 attacks, Patriot Day is a somber occasion to pay tribute to the lost lives and brave men who put in their heart and soul to save as many a they could. Pay a tribute to the lives by creating thoughtful cards which speechless families can share with all those who still bravely face the tragedy.

First Day of Autumn

It’s fall again! The sweet smell of leaves immediately stirs up magic in the air. Heaps of autumn leaves and a riot of colors are two elements you need to imbibe in your cards to weave up the magic which autumn creates. Help your users send some wonderful, expressive cards to their near and dear ones on the first day of autumn.

We hope the upcoming events and opportunities get you as excited as us! We are really looking forward to see your zeal and passion in creating some fabulous cards. Keep following the Studio Blog to get live updates on contests in the coming months and other vital information. Don’t miss out on this chance to expand your portfolio and earn tons of rewards!

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