5 Tips To Market Yourself On Social Media


As promised, here are 5 steps for promoting yourself on social media:

Your profile pic and cover photo describes who you are
Keep your profile pic to just your face. Look for an asymmetrical picture, facing the light for more drama. Also, try to stick to one profile pic for all the social media you are on. This will help people recognize you on social media and reduce the questions on their mind while looking for you and your great work!

The cover photo is for telling a story about yourself. The cover photo is where you excite your friends about your true passion for great design. It could be a quote or an appropriate card designed by you for the season.

– Content timing
Ensure the work you post on your page is contextual. Don’t post a Good morning card at night or a summer card during Christmas. Post a card appropriate to what you are feeling at the moment and you will never go wrong.

P.S> Keep in mind not to overdo it

Add trending hashtags
Make sure you add a title to your post along with trending hashtags, especially on Twitter & Instagram. Don’t just post the link to your card but also communicate the message around with it. View our Twitter page to get a feel.

Everything can’t be marketed everywhere
Ensure the type of card you are promoting is appropriate for the medium you are promoting it on. Videos, Flash & animated .gif works great on Facebook, Google Plus & Instagram but not necessarily on Twitter or LinkedIn. Use the visual medium Pinterest & Google Plus for promoting postcards and animated .gifs. Twitter will help direct traffic to your studio page and increase chances of increasing your followers. LinkedIn helps you talk about your experience and expertise used while designing the cards and creates more backlinks for the cards.

– Share good stuff
Share your cards on communities on Google Plus, Facebook Groups , Twitter Lists and Pinterest Group boards to gain popularity. The good stuff you share has a way of rewarding itself. You would get to interact with like minded people, if not you would have just made someone’s day with your ecard.

Do leave your comments below for any questions you might have and we would get our social media team to answer them.