Diwali Ecards To Send Wishes For A Prosperous Year!

Diwali Ecards To Send Wishes For A Prosperous Year!

Diwali the festival of lights, the auspicious day for Hindus is around the corner. Featuring in the top 10 popular holidays for sending cards, it is indeed an opportunity to increase card sends and capitalize on the earnings by increasing ROW sends. Diwali is one of the most popular Indian festivals and is celebrated by the Indian diaspora worldwide.

Here are some tips to help you produce some great ecards to sends across wishes of a prosperous and joyful year.

Design elements:

The elements remain the same so there is little room for experimentation. Idols of Ganesh and Lakshmi, fireworks, clay lamps or diyas, candles, sweets and Hindu religious symbols (such as Om and Swastika). The elements can be incorporated with the concept of the card and used to send out either religious wishes or celebratory wishes.


Colors may move from dark to light. Colors such as pink, green, grey or blue don’t work for this festival. Among the bright colors you can use red, yellow and orange. These are considered as auspicious colors. Another color that is acceptable is black (even though it may not always be perceived as auspicious). Black in this case can be used to denote the move from dark to light or the shift from evil to good, to maintain the essence of the holiday. It can also denote the dark sky which is beautifully lit on Diwali night.


The targeted audiences in this case are family and friends to whom users want to send wishes for a prosperous and happy year. The idea is to share joy and good wishes for the holiday. Some may also want to pass across blessings to younger ones and share some fun with friends. Messages should cater to these emotions.


Needless to say the music should suit the type of festival. Go for more traditional music using Indian music instruments. Pianos and violins are not a good choice for this holiday.

Overall presentation:

If the card type is a postcard or anything static then the single image should be very impressive and adding on a crisp and attractive message will add to the flavor. If the card is a flash or a video then try out some exclusive character animation. For example an animated Ganesha, or virtual diyas and fireworks in different styles can become popular. Also take note of the font style and font colors along with other aesthetics.

Tap on this festival and make your earnings brighter next month!

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