Moving On To the Mobile Era

Moving on to the Mobile Era

This blog brings to you a synopsis of the webinar previously held. Here is some useful information for all those who missed the webinar and a recap for those who were present.

Businesses are developing mobile platforms for their traditional desktop websites as new age technology and change in consumer approach demands this change. Industry insights reconfirm this theory as more and more people are now using internet on their mobile devices. From social media websites to ecommerce websites – all are seeing an increasing number of users, accessing these websites from handheld devices.

123Greetings’ analysis too confirms that its mobile traffic is steadily growing each day. And why not, after all mobile brings with it many advantages such as – convenience, faster access, personalized, saves time and o

n the go entertainment. This is a big positive for us as digital devices are used more times during the course of their day. So instead of logging in once on your computer you can access the website multiple times in a day from your phone or tablet. For example, earlier, you couldn’t send a card on the way to work, but now u can.

123Greetings Mobile Platforms

home 123Greetings Mobile Website: People viewing the website on hand held devices are redirected to mobile website. It has ecards for all Occasions, Events and Holidays. 123Greetings Main App: 123Greetings has two apps. The main app is for all occasions, events & holidays. 123Greetings Birthday App: This app has birthday and anniversary ecards only. Features of 123Greetings App:

  • Free download on both iOS and Android.
  • Syncs Birthdays and Anniversaries directly from the phone book or Facebook.
  • Notifications – Birthdays/anniversaries and event reminders.
  • Option to send ecards via email, SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook and other social media platforms.
  • Add personal messages, schedule delivery and read receipts.

Display of Cards:

  • Flash cards appear as video cards.
  • All cards can be displayed in full screen mode.
  • Viewing pane size: compatible to the phone’s screen size.

To suit these platforms below are some recommendations:

Flash cards:

  • File Size: Recommended dimension for Flash cards: 500×350 px.
  • Lighter file size to allow speedy buffering. Remember not everyone will be on wifi so buffering will depend on their internet connectivity. So lighter files will load quicker enhancing user experience.
  • Play music in Loop.
  • Replay button to appear 3-4 seconds after the last scene stops playing. So have a gap of 24-36 frames between the last frame and replay button.

Video cards:card-play-full-screen

  • Format: Mp4
  • Bit rate: 150
  • Codec: HTML5
  • Shorter video length (max 1 min)
  • Restrict size to 3-4 mb

Card text:

  • Clear font: Check font size and style.
  • Readability of text – legible, colors.
  • Avoid overcrowded frames: divide the message over different frames in the ecard.

By understanding requirements and delivering changes you can make a smooth transition to the mobile platforms!