Tips to Create Father’s Day Ecards

Tips to Create Father’s Day Ecards

“It’s only when you grow up and step back from him–or leave him for your own home – it’s only then that you can measure his greatness and fully appreciate it” – Margaret Truman. These were the wise words from the American singer/writer that leaves an impact on the readers. More so because a large population can relate to this. However, expressing emotions to Dads may not come easily to many, which is why ecards become pivotal. Here are some guidelines to help you make ecards for Father’ s Day 2015

Cater to the Audience:

Think American and visualize in an American style. Research on what’s trending and how American dads like to spend their day. Read about their lifestyle and identify the emotions they share with their children.


This includes the concept and the story line. The recipients of cards in this case are male users. You can incorporate masculine themes or activities such as sailing, golfing, lounging, barbecues etc. Use quality visuals to illustrate the concept. The concepts may differ based on different sub-categories.

The below card is the most successful Father’s Day ecard of last year uploaded in ‘Daddy’s Girl’ sub-category. The card is beautifully themed around a little girl’s thoughts about her dad  keeping the key emotions in mind and supporting them with powerful visuals.

Father's Day ecard by Ashupatodia
Father’s Day ecard by Ashupatodia


Messages should express emotions shared on the day and must also be specific to the category the card has been uploaded in. Messages from ‘Daddy’s Girl’ will differ from ‘Father’s Son’. Messages should be written keeping in mind the different equations people share with their fathers. For some it is casual and relaxed where the father is more like a friend, whereas, for some it is formal where dads are like role-models. Wishes for a great or relaxed day are suited for the Happy Father’s Day sub-category.


Everything does not need to be blue. Break the monotone and use an array of colors. Among the existing cards you can find colors such as yellow, brown, orange and many more

Father’s Day contest is well underway and it is time to showcase your creativity and win lots of prizes. New cards have started coming in, so good luck and make the most of it!