Changing Colors of An Object Using Flash

123Greetings Studio presents a series of short tutorials to sharpen your Flash technical skills.
In the first tutorial we bring to you simple Flash techniques that can transform the look of an object and add depth to the ecard. These short videos will show you simple techniques that can be used to enhance the look of an ecard.

1.1 Changing Colors of an Object – Using Shape Tween

The first video shows an object changing multiple colors. In this case we have used a static image – a smiley. This technique can however be used with any object which has a uniform fill,  such as backgrounds or shapes. Example – stars, hearts etc. In this video we first create a smiley, then we add keyframes and add different colors and finally use shape tween to get the desired effect. Shape tween can be used when an object is well defined. 

Changing Colors 1 from Ashton Martin on Vimeo.

1.2 Changing Colors of An object– Using Motion Tween

In the second video we learn to change colors of an object using motion tween. When an object is a symbol then motion tween is to be used. In this video we work backwards. We have the final ‘Good Morning’ scene ready post which we change the colors of a sky – depicting changes in shades from night to morning. We also focus at changing the tint and brightness of the colors.

Changing Colors 2 from Ashton Martin on Vimeo.

Moving forward you can adapt these techniques to create complex multiple color changes such as in the wings of flying butterflies. There are other simple tricks that can make a great impact on the quality of ecards and we will share these in upcoming tutorials.

Please feel free to ask any questions or clarifications for the above tutorial in the comments section below.