Tips to Create Mother’s Day Ecards

Ideally everyday should be Mother’s Day because of the role she plays in a child’s life, nurturing and supporting her children. However the second Sunday of May is especially put aside for Moms to celebrate motherhood together as a community.  Our ecards have the power to delight Moms and give their children moving expressions to appreciate and thank their moms for their unconditional love.  Here are some guidelines to help you make this wonderful day even more special for our users worldwide.

1) Storyline:

Identify the message you want to convey. Is it gratitude or love or wishes for a great day? A personal situation (applicable to a large audience) can be highlighted and a story built around it. The story must be around the central theme of a one-to-one relationship. In this case from a child to his/her mother. Our storyline expert Paul Solomons, says – “Watch lots of TV, films and be sure to read as much as you can. It’s great fun emulating the style of something your audience might identify with. Keep a notebook with you (or phone). Inspiration can strike at any time (usually when driving or in bed).  Even germs of ideas are worth noting down.” With the ideas develop a script. The pieces must fit together and should not be randomly placed.

2) Visuals:

Use clean visuals, ensure that animation/transitions are smooth. 123Greetings Studio visualizer, GrayDreams  says, “Images should express the mother-child sentiments. However, these will vary based on the age, and relationship that one has. To an elderly mother the images should convey respect and gratitude while for a first time mother it should be of care and support. Emotional images that depict mothers holding and nursing children in silhouettes format can be used to express the relationship beautifully.” You can also use cute images such as that of animated characters or animals denoting mother-child relationships. Flowers, butterflies and birds are popular with women and can be used to send out wishes.

3) Message:

Important to understand 2 concepts –
1. The target audience i.e the senders – 123Greetings’ statistics show that women send more ecards than men. This highlights the importance they give to relationships and emotions. The target audience in this case are females and mostly middle-aged. If you are creating ecards for Happy Mother’s Day, Flowers, Fun it is meant to be sent by children to their moms. While sections such as, First Mother’s Day and Family are sent by husbands to wives or moms to their daughters. Sections for friends and between women are sent by women to their friends as implied by their names.

2. The sender – receiver relationship – After identifying the audience understand the sender – receiver relationship. In this case sending out wishes to their Mothers, or to women who are great Moms. The ecard must relate to their emotions or bring back key memories that they connect with. Brief touching words, good analogies or quotes and metaphors can be used. Example – you are like a sunrise, that brings in light and hope in my life.  Card Copy is the key for Mother’s Day ecards.

Please also refer to our previous post on How to write the Perfect Card Message.

4) Colors:

Not just pink, but shades of lilac, mauve, purple and olive can be used.

5) Music:

The card copy will demand the type of music to be used. Music is the backbone of the emotion that the card is carrying and must further enhance that emotion. A soft tune for a miss you card or a fast tune for a fun ecard are suitable.

Celebrate Motherhood contest is well underway and it is time to showcase your creativity and win lots of prizes for your Mom. Good Luck and let’s make this a memorable Mother’s Day!