Contest Winners: The Fortnight of Love & Romance

February was an exciting month full of events that wooed people’s hearts. During this month we ran a contest called “Fortnight of Love & Romance” and four visualizers made a huge impact by providing users with their most favorite ecards. We thank them for their unique concepts and heartwarming messages that gave life to these beautiful holidays.

1) Ashupatodia:

Ashu’s ecards always seem to do the trick. Whether it is the visual or the message, each component leaves an impression. She dedicates this win to her true Valentine!

“It’s often rightly said that there’s some encouraging hand behind every person. For me too, it would have not been possible to achieve anything in my life without the true love of my family & friends as all of them have been influential in my life in some way or the other and hence I am thankful to them all for their constant heartfelt love & support but of them all, there’s one and the most beautiful blessing in my life that deserve mention as my true source of motivation and energy. It’s my lovely daughter, Rishika. My world is in her innocent smile which inspires me to see the brighter side of life and always have a positive attitude. No effort in life goes in vain and every small experience counts. So, I would like to dedicate this win especially to her. She is the one that keeps me going! She is my true Valentine!”

2) Jothi:

Jothi has been the most consistent and has earned a spot as a diverse visualizer. The first to be a part of the platform she has evolved as a designer. Her valentine dedication goes to her parents. “My father, Sureshkumar, and my mother, Lakshmi, are the greatest support for me who motivated me at all times. My parents never compelled me to learn for grade, they just allowed me to do what I love, which is animation. That motivation made me hold on to my ambition and achieve these accolades.”

Romantic ecards by Studio Visualizers Romantic ecards created by 123Greetings Studio Visualizers[/caption]

3) Simpydesigns:

Moumita‘s work appeals to the audience as it is unique and powerful. Her Valentine dedication goes to her mom, Maitreyee De.“I thank her for all her support love and care. She always believed in me and encouraged me to max my potential. She consoled me when I was nervous and appreciated my work when I started new. Her positive approach inspired me and through the love that she has given me I could reflect that in my ecards.”

4) Freecards4dearone:

Nitin Kothari needs a special mention in this blog. His ecards have done well under the contest and he has climbed up the leaderboard rapidly. His dedication goes to his lovely wife Vidya. “When I first received a greeting card from my loving wife I was really impressed with the flowers, the art work, the message and the convenience of sending an ecard. Since then I started designing ecards. My wife inspired me a lot in making ecards. She was my best critique and gave valuable suggestions that helped me improve. Without her inspiration I would never have won such contests. I would like to convey my special thanks to her.”

Well done guys! Keep up the good work!