5 Reasons Why People Choose One Design Over The Other To Express Their Emotions

Reason #1/5

Familiarity and Suitability of Imagery
Choice of visuals, color scheme and objects are very important in the design of an expression. Literature supports that people tend to like what they are familiar with. It is known as mere-exposure effect. Hence it might be a good idea to incorporate familiar objects, symbols, colors associated with a certain festival, emotion or occasion.

Reason #2/5

Music to set the mood 
Choice of music is critical in setting the mood of the expression. Imagine what mood would be best suited to your expression concept. Choose music which helps you build and set that mood. It is easier said than done, though. Surprisingly, our experience suggests, when the music is right, you’ll know it. Until then, keep looking for it!

Reason #3/5

Vary the pace
Plan your expression storyboard in such a way that you have at least one high point. One standard and consistent storyline finds it difficult to capture attention and does not satisfy the needs of an ever-demanding and busy internet consumer. Reflect on the movies you watched and loved. Would you enjoy that movie, if it had no climax, or highs and lows?

Reason #4/5

These are perhaps the most important direct communicators of the message/expression. Choose each of them carefully. Ensure they sufficiently and coherently communicate the emotion, and keep the storyline alive. Choose your font, size, color and stylization appropriately. Everything matters. Most definitely avoid abbreviations, spelling and grammar mistakes. Have a few friends and well wishers help you proof read your copy.

Reason #5/5

Design for the world
Lastly, test your storyboard for applicability across geographies. Your expression should transcend political, ethnic, religious, geographical, regional boundaries. Ensure everyone would under stand, appreciate and identify with the expression. Again, this too, is easier said than done. However, if you keep this aspect in mind while developing your concept, you’re likely to appeal to a wider audience base. Of Course, if you are designing for a festival or occasion particular to any community – by all means, appeal to only that community, without offending the audience in general.

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